Architectural Photographer

Honouring the Creators of the Built Environment

To stand out in today’s world, you need marketing material that’s as eye watering as it informative. I’m committed as an architectural photographer to help you achieve business success and invite you to contact me. I put the “sizzle” in your brochures, websites and office walls and as a result, your prospects attention.

  • My unique knowledge of showing interior and exterior architecture at it’s best comes as a result of over 25 years in construction and photography. Managing construction projects around the world taught me how building materials respond to light and how to look at architecture.
  • Solar path predictions determine when the sun will best illuminate a building for photography. Thus shoots are planned when the sun is in position to provide the best light on your building.
  • I use both large format film and digital photography in order to fulfil budget and quality requirements.
  • Finally, a no-nonsense approach to image licensing to provide the reproduction rights you need without complicated or expensive pricing structures.

Commissioning Stuart Brown Photographic Architectural Photographer

As result of my experience, I’ve an eye for the beauty of architecture and extensive knowledge of how building materials react to light. This is reflected in my portfolio which highlights the work I’ve undertaken for clients and my passion of architecture. Thus I’m able to produce work honouring the creators of the built environment and my commitment to support my clients.

Located in Telford, thus ideally positioned for the Midlands, Manchester, Liverpool, North Wales. Due to a second operating base in Surrey, I’m also economic in London and the home counties. I also have a base in Singapore so that I’m an excellent choice for multinational clients.

I regularly blog on the benefits and value of architecture photography so that readers remain informed. Whether it’s website content, marketing brochures or wall art, I’m especially relevant for you. Construction industry design professionals (architects, structural engineers and interior designers Etc), building contractors, building materials suppliers, building owners and tourist boards benefit from my work.

Setting Up Your Project

Because I value your time, I’ve developed a tool to expedite communication. Brief builder enables you to quickly and efficiently let me know all I need to produce a proposal for your project.

Follow my social media channels and keep up to date with the most noteworthy things happening in architecture and photography. You will enjoy engaging with me because I tweet extensively about business and general interest. My twitter account is therefore probably one of the most relevant for marketing executives in architecture and construction.

Stuart Brown Photographic on YouTube

Watch Stuart present a detailed overview of his work in especially relevant and informative videos on YouTube. Everything from the benefits of using large format cameras to loading and shooting so that you fully appreciate his work.

Stuart Brown Photographic on YouTube - Architectural Photographer