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Honouring the Creators of the Built Environment

Stuart Brown Photographic, presents the portfolio of architectural photographer Stuart Brown and invites you to contact me to discuss your architectural and commercial photographic requirements. Stuart Brown Photographic operates throughout the UK and overseas.

Stuart Brown Photographic offers the very best in architectural photography, which is achieved by:

  • Over 20 years managing construction projects around the world have taught me how every building material responds to light and given me a unique knowledge of how best to capture building exteriors and interiors photographically.
  • Solar path predictions allow me to determine when the sun will strike a building at the optimal angle to photograph it, i.e. when there will be no shadow from neighbouring structures and the altitude / angle of the sun to the building will show off the building materials at their best.
  • The optimal use of large format film and digital photography for the economic realisation of your photographic requirements combined with the best photographic quality.
  • A no-nonsense approach making sure clients get the reproduction rights they need on their images without excessively complicated or expensive pricing structures.

Architectural Photographer

The portfolio presented here is a selection highlighting Stuart’s skillset in the field of architectural photography. I’ve developed an eye for the beauty of architecture and an extensive knowledge of how building materials react in all lighting conditions from over twenty years experience in the design and construction of commercial and industrial buildings throughout Europe and Asia. Combining this with my extensive photographic knowledge and technique results in the highest quality images.

Located in Telford, Shropshire ideally positions me to cover the Midlands, Manchester, Liverpool, North Wales and through a second operating base in Surrey, London and the home counties. Much of my career has been overseas and I still have bases I can use in south east Asia allowing me to offer an excellent service to multinational practices.

In my architecture photography blog, I post regular articles on what I am up to, insights on photography and how to make best use of quality imagery. Whether you need to hang images of your projects on the walls of business premises or populate your corporate websites and marketing brochures, I’m the man to turn to. If you need to stand out from your competition you need the sort of imagery offered by Stuart Brown Photographic. Construction industry design professionals (architects, structural engineers and interior designers Etc), building contractors, building materials suppliers, building owners and tourist boards benefit from my commissioned photography.


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A detailed overview of everything from loading and shooting with to the benefits of using a large format camera.

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