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Some notes about Stuart Brown Photographic architectural photography: Stuart has an honours degree and over twenty years career experience designing and constructing large industrial and commercial buildings in Asia and Europe. Having toured the world for a long time, making international moves on average every two and half years and becoming a family man I decided I needed a change, to settle down and take on a new challenge. I’ve done photography ever since my father first put a film camera in my hands in the late 1970’s, progressed through digital photography and moved onto large format film photography. I’ve now combined my passions for architecture and photography to specialise in architectural photography.

My years in the design and construction of buildings has given me insights into the way building designers think and operate, what’s important to them and to building owners. Having looked at buildings I’ve constructed on a daily basis over such a long period of time I know how every type of building material reacts to different lighting conditions and how to bring out the best in any building. This makes me uniquely qualified to produce great imagery of buildings and structures after completion and during construction.

Core Values Honouring the Creators of the Built Environment

At Stuart Brown Photographic it’s all about honouring the creators of the built environment. Stuart Brown Photographic offers it’s clients great visual content honouring the creators of the built environment, it’s high quality architectural photography that’s all about showing architecture and businesses in their best light.

  • Honour the Creators of the Built Environment by presenting Architecture in it’s best Light.
  • Producing images which have a Long Shelf Life and can be used for years and even decades to promote the subject matter.
  • Producing strong visual images that will captivate and communicate my clients’ story to their prospects.
  • Providing “no non-sense” image licences that allow my clients’ to get on with marketing themselves.
  • Using the combination of techniques that produce the optimal balance between cost and quality.

In order to achieve this I go to lengths construction professionals wouldn’t be able to fit into their normal working schedules. I will:

  • Conduct solar path analyses to predict the best time of year and day to go about photographing any building or structure.
  • If a project schedule excludes the opportunity of photographing at the best time of year I will determine how best to undertake the photography within the project time constraints.
  • Examine the weather forecast and sunrise/sunset times to put myself in a position to produce the best imagery possible within my clients project constraints.
  • Consult with my clients about their needs before going to site.
  • Put contingency plans in place should unexpected inclement weather prevent a piece of architecture from being shown in it’s best light on a given day.
  • Offer clients advice on the best way to realise their projects, whether it’s a shoot of a single piece of architecture or an entire architectural portfolio.
  • Work in professional and safe manner, provide safety documentation and and public liability insurance.

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