Architectural Photographers

The benefit of commissioning specialist architectural photographers is the knowledge we have of how best to photograph architectural subjects. As a specialist architectural photographer I undertake commissioned work throughout the United Kingdom and beyond.

My skill set includes knowledge and understanding how architecture is designed and constructed and how building materials respond to light. To get into an architects mind, capture the interesting angles he considered when designing and find new ones, requires more than just photographic ability. My equipment is also very different to other photographers, it enables perspective correction and alignment of construction elements.

Many commercial photo shoots feature architecture as a background, if the main subject were removed from the foreground, many of these images would lose impact. I have the skill to capture architectural subjects in a way that makes them stand out without additional foreground material,

The reasons for hiring architectural photographers are many and varied. Architectural practices need photographs for awards submissions, contractors are often asked to include images of similar projects in tender submissions. Hotels, resorts, leisure centres, museums and tourist organisations need images to attract visitors. Building developers and real estate agents need images to market both commercial and residential buildings.

My Background and Skills

My background is in the design and construction of large commercial and industrial buildings. To me architectural designs are more than lines on paper, they are living creations that become our built environment. Constructing buildings forced me to look at architecture in sunshine and rain, at dawn, dusk, midday and night. Because of these experiences I’m a photographer uniquely qualified to show your architecture in it’s best light.

I know the importance of marketing materials that elevate you above your competition and how photographs attract prospects to read your offer. It’s said a photograph says a thousand words but only excellent photographs convey the right words. You need the right photography to get to the front of the queue for your prospects attention. Hiring a specialist photographer is an important step in procuring the right photography to make your business stand out.

To get great architectural photography to promote your business, please contact me or use my online brief writing tool.