Building Photography and Architectural Photography

Building photography is a sub discipline within architectural photography specifically concerned with the photography of buildings to the exclusion of other architectural works such as bridges, statues, monuments and the like. Building photography is useful not only to architects, structural engineers and builders but also to those who own and operate buildings. Building photography includes both interior and exterior photography and is often used to promote the business of those who have designed, constructed, purchased or who operate from the building and is also used by estate agents, chartered surveyors, realty consultants and property developers to market both lease and sale properties.

The aim of building photography is therefore to show the building in its best light, this usually means well lit and composed images usually showing no distortion from converging verticals and controlled horizontal perspectives. Focus is often very important in building photography, nobody operating a building would want an image where his signboard or logo is not pin sharp. In the UK we have a large number of brick and stone buildings where it is often desirable to show the texture of the building materials and give a feeling that the viewer of the photograph can feel the building and sense if a surface is smooth or rough. The best way to achieve this is through the use of a large format camera which by virtue of its large optical focusing screen and optical movements allows the building photographer to control, composition, perspective and focus throughout the image in a way that is not afforded to the users of other types of camera.

At Stuart Brown Photographic we use a monorail type of large format camera which has a greater range of tilts, shifts and swings than most dropped large format cameras, which coupled with our extensive knowledge of buildings and architecture allows us to deliver the best possible image quality for our clients. As clients usually want to have more than just their building photographed, usually our photography is destined for websites and brochures as well as a few prints to hang on walls, there is often a requirement for other forms of commercial photography. Many clients wish to publish images of their products, corporate portraits of their key staff and the  like alongside images of their premises, much of which can be photographed equally well with our digital camera. Stuart Brown Photographic believe that by offering a combination of both camera systems our clients get the best of photographic quality and economy every time they commission us.