Commissioned Photography Services

Commissioned photography that Honours the Creators of the Built Environment, is a necessary part of marketing campaigns and award submissions. If you’re an architect, building owner, building services engineer, civil engineer, contractor, structural engineer or specialist, commissioning me will result in images that will:

  • Produce a statement with compelling visual impact also to wow your prospects.
  • Make a strong statement about your architecture and your skills as a construction professional.
  • Wow your prospects and leave them with a positive and memorable impression of your business.
  • Provide strong content for your, website, brochures, coffee table or to hang on your walls.
  • Increase your chances of winning an award for your work.

Please use contact form to send your initial enquiry for commissioned photography, of brief builder for a specific proposal. From your initial enquiry I will prepare myself for for your brief. This is to understand your needs and to propose the best solutions to present you in your best light. Brief builder is a quicker more efficient way of generating an especially relevant proposal.


To get a detailed proposal tailored specifically to your project as quickly as possible, please use my online briefing tool.

To find out more about me, check my portfolio or testimonials, please click the appropriate button below.

My Approach and Core Values

For all commissioned photography I will:

  • Produce a shoot list, indicating the images required, this may be a rigidly defined set of required images or open to my own artistic interpretation when on site. I’m happy to do this with your graphic or web designers or provide you a simple template thus you will always get the right images.
  • Use solar path analyses to predict the best time of year and day to photograph any architecture and therefore create the strongest possible images.
  • Time constraints often exclude the opportunity of photographing at the best time of year. When this occurs, I determine how best to undertake the photography within the available timescale.
  • Study the weather forecast and sunrise/sunset times to put myself in a position to produce the best imagery possible within your project constraints.
  • Consider how you wish to use your images so you get what you want and need.
  • Have contingency plans in case of unexpected inclement weather prevents a piece of architecture from being shown in it’s best light on a given day.
  • Advise how best way to execute your project, whether a single piece of architecture or an entire portfolio.
  • Provide a usage licence for the images that fulfils your needs.
  • Operate in professional and safe manner, provide safety documentation and adequate public liability insurance.

If the project is a new building, I may request a site plan with a north arrow showing the main architectural features as this information may not be available on maps or satellite images.

 Products and Licensing

I take a no-nonsense approach to licensing, I listen to your requirements and provide the licence that fulfils them. I’ve seen competitors offer a variety of licences and complicated pricing based use of the images not the effort creating them.

There may be multiple parties needing similar images of a project, in these cases I can offer multiple image usage licences if all parties agree to non-exclusive use of the images. This has the benefit of making my photography more affordable.

In addition to licences permitting use of my images on your websites and other materials you chose to have printed, I offer a selection of products including:

  • Framed prints and canvas wall art.
  • Electronic brochures where you can provide the text, these can also be in printable quality.
  • Albums and coffee table books which are a great marketing tool to have in your lobby.
  • My suppliers are continually adding products to their ranges such as smart phone and tablet skins. Please ask if there is anything you’d specifically like that’s not in this list.

You may require a very specific format for your images. Web designers often have specific requirements on aspect ratio and pixel size. Images can also look very different printed large or postage stamp size. Because of this I will ask how you wish to present your images.

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