Stuart Brown – Architectural Photographer Based in Shropshire


Stuart Brown - Architectural PhotographerStuart Brown – architectural photographer specialist in the Midlands, nationwide and international, like many of the world’s best photographers Stuart has a specialty discipline. When you look at wildlife photographers for example, those at the top of their discipline know as much about the animals, where to find them, how they behave and how to predict their next move as they do about photography, they also have large telephoto lenses and other equipment which would of limited to use in other photographic disciplines.

As an architectural photographer Stuart uses a large format camera which by virtue of its optical movements and large focusing screen allows total optical control over the image including the correction of vertical perspectives and in many situations horizontal perspectives as well, control over image composition and through its large optical focusing screen precise focusing even on the texture of building materials. Just having the large format camera, lenses, filters and other accessories in itself is however not enough. The experience of over 20 years in the construction has given Stuart a knowledge of architecture, buildings and structures that put his knowledge of his subject matter at a level that is matched by only a handful of others.

Whether a stunning image of building or an interior space is required an no matter how it will be displayed Stuart is able to provide the optimal solution for your needs, images can be supplied as electronic files for website use or publication in client brochures or as large prints to hang on the walls of clients reception areas, boardrooms, offices Etc.

Architectural Photography

An architectural photographer does not only serve the architectural and construction industries, hotels, restaurants, manufacturers, banks, holiday parks, shopping malls and other businesses that seek to either attract visitors to their premises or to display their capabilities to potential clients all need great architectural photography. Taking the typical requirements of a shoot for a hotel website or brochure a commercial photographer will typically be asked to provide, exterior shots of the hotel, images of the landscape or townscape around the hotel, interior images of: several bedrooms, bathrooms, lounges, bar area, restaurant, any sports and spa areas the hotel may have, the hotel grounds, corporate portraits of key staff, a group shot of the entire staff, detail images of embroidered hand towels, bar fittings, food…Etc.

As an architectural photographer, Stuart Brown is able to offer this full range of commercial photographic services and will generally work such a commission with a combination of large format camera and digital camera to give the optimum of both quality and economy for the customer. Stuart’s career in construction has taken him to various locations throughout Europe and Asia, including the UK, Germany, Holland, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and Yemen, this has left him with an extensive knowledge of architecture in various climate and cultural zones but also with a great knowledge of how to conduct himself on a construction site. Stuart is more than happy to undertake commissions as an architectural photographer that document the progress of s building or structure throughout its construction.